Lui Launcher

Lui Launcher is a custom launcher that I created to help me automate some of the tasks I do regularly, such as copying (or backing up) my files to different computers, enabling or disabling system services (such as Synergy, a third party program), and powering off my computer.

This method allows me to have full control of when I want to copy my files. It is similar to third-party syncronization programs, except without the program that takes up precious resources on my computer. It allows for quick execution of tasks without having to browse through any settings: the commands are preset - only a few keyboard clicks away.

You can download the batch file on the right and change it to your liking. If you wish to use this script on a 32-bit system, please note and change the Program Files directories to their respective names, as 64-bit systems have two Program Files folders: one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit applications.

Recent Changelog

2015-04-23 (v4.0.13)
- Changed paths for iTunes library backup
2014-12-10 (v4.0.12) (no download available)
- Minor script changes in attempt to fix GOTO loops
2014-10-18 (v4.0.11) (no download available)
- Added external HDD backup location for school work.
2015-02-07 (v5.0.3)
- Added file manager for iTunes library
- Added changelog viewer
2014-09-04 (v5.0.2)
- Added icon mode.
- Disabled server management settings.
2014-08-28 (v4.0.10)
- Now using robocopy for iTunes library copying.
2014-06-05 (v5.0.1)
- Minor visual improvements
- Added server management settings.