MAL Updater

This MAL Updater/Taiga script is a basic PHP script that can be used to update a database of the most recently watched anime. This data can then be manipulated by other scripts or pages to display this data.

To begin using it, download the script and modify the variables to connect to your server, then configure MAL Updater or Taiga to point to the PHP script on your webserver. If you decide to include a usercode, be sure to append "?code=YOURUSERCODE" to the end of the full URL.

Please note: The script will be modified in the near future to address the depreciation of mysql for mysqli.
Update: Script updated to v1.1 on 2016-12-27.
Update: v1.2 on 2017-02-05, minor bug fix (missing '' around mal index on line 44).